APP Staff

chipChip Plemmons

17 years management experience in the pawn business including loans, buying, appraisals, jewelry & watch repairs, covering all collectable items imaginable.

Star of the History Channel cable show The Real Deal – This was the highest rated, most popular show on the History Channel during the time period which it was broadcast..

Current manager of American Pawn & Pickers – Self proclaimed as the original picker. Chip’s maternal grandfather is the composer of the iconic bluegrass/country music standard Salty Dog. This song is a bluegrass/country music legendary standard which has been recorded and performed by most of the greatest country & bluegrass artists of the past 60 years and has been featured on the 1960s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show.










RobRob Dame

9 years experience in the pawn business, loans, appraisals, musical instrument specialist, credited in the general acknowledgments section of the book Epiphone The House of Statholpolo which is a history of the NY pre-Gibson Epiphone company.

Jazz guitarist composer – has opened for Dave Brubeck, and nationally known rock artists of the ’70s & ’80s, has earned foreign & domestic royalty income from network television, current recording available online title Rob Dame – Talisman – features saxophonist Frank Southecorvo

American Pawn & Pickers departments – musical instruments, firearms & ammo, tools, antiques & collectables, electronics, sporting goods (fishing tackle, bows,), cds, dvds, & jewelry